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Mar. 2nd, 2013 09:02 pm
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Leave a comment here to sign up for your XMFC Bingo card for Round One!

You will receive a 5 x 5 Bingo card. 24 of the squares will be random prompts from the list of prompts, while the middle square may be used for any prompt you want from the list of prompts.

Please read through the
list of prompts before posting to determine if you need to strike any prompts. If you strike a prompt, you are guaranteed NOT to receive that prompt on your card. You may strike any prompt for any reason, or no reason at all, and you do NOT have to say what that reason is.

You may strike up to ten individual prompts, or one entire category plus five individual prompts. If you need to strike more prompts than this, you will need to send me an email (unforgotten.fandom@gmail.com) or send me a private message here on DW, at the same time/before you comment to this post. I won't ask what your reason is for needing more strikes, but please only do this if you really feel like you must.

Cards should go out within a few days of your comment. If it's been a few days and you still have not received a card, my apologies and feel free to poke me about it!

Once you have completed at least one Bingo, you may
request a second card if you wish.

Helpful links: Overview | Prompts List | FAQ | RSS Feed for LJ | Request a Second Bingo Card | AO3 Collection | Tag List
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Hey guys, your genius mod here accidentally deleted the XMFC Bingo collection on AO3 just now. None of your stories have been affected except that they're no longer in the collection because there isn't one. If that's actually a big deal to anyone, please reply here and I will be glad to make a new collection for you to put your stories in. I'm not going to make a new collection unless I know people will put their stories back in it, because I don't see the point if there's no interest, but I definitely will if anyone actually wants me to. :)
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Round One of XMFC Bingo is now CLOSED. You may no longer request a card or get official credit for completing a bingo.

We are now in the amnesty period, meaning you may now post in the community with links to fics you wrote for the challenge that do not complete a bingo, or for bingos completed after the challenge ended. There won't be a round two, but if you already have a card, feel free to play with it as much as you would like. This community and the AO3 collection will remain open for posting indefinitely.

And finally, congratulations to our winners: [personal profile] a_q, who achieved a bingo; and [personal profile] listerinezero, who achieved a blackout. :)
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Just a reminder that this round of XMFC Bingo will end on March 2nd, 10 days from now. After the round is finished, you will no longer be able to sign up for a bingo card or receive a name tag, but you will still be able to post links to your fic to the community.
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 I just wanted to remind everyone that there are two months left for XMFC Bingo. On March 2nd, round one will end and the amnesty period will begin.

At this time, I am not planning to run a second round of XMFC Bingo. If anyone would like to take over the community so there can be a round two, please get in touch with me (unforgotten.fandom@gmail.com, or send me a private message here on DW). Please note that if I do hand over the community, I would strongly prefer it to be to someone I recognize, who has been involved in this fandom for a while.
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The prompt AU: Shinsengumi jidai has been changed to AU: Shinsengumi era. Those of you who have it on your cards should find it a lot easier to google now! :)

Thanks to Kage* for explaining what it was in the #xmentales chat a while back. Prior to the explanation, I thought it was an anime or something from the results that came up for it on google.

*I think it was Kage, if not then someone else who was there should correct me. :P

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Once you complete a Bingo for Round One, you may request a second card here! (You don't have to unless you want to; you can keep playing with your first card as long as you like, and you may also still continue playing with your first card after requesting a second card.) The same guidelines apply as for your first card (ie, you may strike up to ten individual prompts, or one category and up to five individual prompts, or email me at unforgotten.fandom@gmail.com if you need more strikes).

If you get a Bingo for your second card, you may request a third card, and so on and so forth....

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XMFC Bingo

XMFC Bingo is a bingo community centered around creating fanworks for X-Men: First Class based on a wide range of prompts in five categories (AUs, tropes, kinks, sexual/romantic relationships, and platonic relationships). The list of prompts can be found here.


Round opens: March 3rd, 2013
Round closes: March 2nd, 2014
Amnesty period begins: March 2nd, 2014
Amnesty period ends: TBA
Round two begins: TBA and it might not happen at all; it depends on how this first round goes

The Goal

Once you have signed up and received your Bingo card, your goal is to achieve a Bingo horizontally, vertically, or diagonally by creating fanworks based on the prompts on your card. You can also aim for a Blackout, which would be achieved by creating fanworks based on EVERY prompt on your card.

In order to "win" at XMFC Bingo, you must achieve at least one Bingo by March 2nd, 2014. Everyone who posts a Bingo during the round will receive a name tag on the community. If you do not achieve a Bingo during the round, or if you have created fanworks for one or more prompts but have not managed to achieve a Bingo, you can still post to the community, but only during the amnesty period. All posts to the community during the round must be either Bingos or Blackouts.


All types of fanworks are allowed. If you can think of it and want to do it, go for it!

Every size/length of fanwork is welcome.

All fanworks must be centered around X-Men: First Class characters. Crossovers are welcome, but XMFC characters must play a major part of your fanwork in order for it to count.

Only newly-posted fanworks may be used for XMFC Bingo; anything you posted before signing up may not be used.

All fanworks must be finished prior to being linked to on the community.

Fanworks must not be posted here; they should be posted elsewhere, and your post here will include the links.

Required warnings for this community are: Major Character Death, Rape/Noncon, Underage, and Graphic Depictions of Violence. You may also Choose Not to Warn. This warning must be either included on the story in your post here to the community, or included on the story wherever you post it (so if you're posting on AO3 and have followed their warnings system, you're good).

This one's not a rule, but if you're posting your fanworks to AO3, please post them to the XMFC Bingo collection.

Posting Format

When posting Bingos/Blackouts to the community, please use the following format:

Subject Line: [Bingo/Blackout]: # of Works: Type(s) of works

Work title:
Warnings/Content Notes:
Bingo Prompt(s):
Author's Note:

It's fine to vary the format a little, but please make sure to include a bare minimum of your works' titles, ratings, warnings, prompts, and of course a link.
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Here is the complete prompts list for round one of XMFC Bingo. Prompts are divided into five categories, totaling 341 by a quick count: AUs (77), tropes (151), kinks (56), sexual/romantic relationships (28), and platonic relationships (29).

list of prompts )
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What is XMFC Bingo?
XMFC Bingo is a bingo community in the spirit of [community profile] kink_bingo . Essentially, you sign up for a randomized bingo card (like this) and then create fanworks to complete a "bingo" down, across, or diagonally on your card. Once you complete a bingo, you post to the community with links to the works you produced in your bingo.

XMFC Bingo is for fanworks based on X-Men: First Class, based on a prompts list of general prompts and XMFC-specific prompts.

Read more... )

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Welcome to XMFC Bingo!

I'm going to leave the prompt gdoc open through the end of this Sunday, February 10th. If you have anything you would like to see as an XMFC Bingo square, please do not hesitate to add it; the idea is to get as many prompts as possible, especially ones that are specifically tailored to XMFC.

Once I have the full prompts list available, I'll get it organized into a more readable format (alphabetized within categories) and finish setting things up on the community.

Timeline: the community will open for you to get your bingo card on Sunday, February 17 or Sunday, February 24 Sunday, March 3. I'll post an update when I'm sure of which it will be.

Round 1 of XMFC Bingo will run into early next year, probably until late February 2014. Signups will remain open through the entire round. When Round 1 ends, there will be a break/amnesty period of a few months.

If there is a Round 2, it will probably begin a few weeks after the XMFC sequel is released, to allow for time for new prompts to be added to the list.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask on this post.


XMFC Bingo

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